Lightweight solution for Keha3

We have already introduced the chandelier of the Keha3 Lightweight series that was manufactured by Leetberg. The Lightweight solution by designer Margus Triibmann includes diverse types of lights that can be variously constructed.

The main idea of the whole solution is that you can use parts of the Lightweight chandelier to create completely new lighting solutions. Depending on the number of details and purpose of use the Lightweight lamp can be put on wall, install it as a pendant lamp or use it as a floor lamp. As the Lightweight chandelier, the light source is also custom-made of aluminum and processed on lathe and later powder coated for the final touch.

The Lightweight solution also includes rods to construct a floor lamp of different height, or the opposite, to create a pedant lamp of different width. The rods are also custom-made. The ends of the rods are threadened and polished with care which makes the joints barely noticable. The fixation system was also improved by Leetberg. The details of the fixation system are made of metal and powder coated. You can install as many light sources to the construction as you wish. It is also possible to use various powder coating for metal details of the Lightweight solution.

Leetberg is ready to continue develop and manufacture Keha3 products. Hopefully we can soon add some new visual material of the Lightweight lamps in various interiors. Keep following us.

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