• Lightweight Solutions and Buoys for Eisma Port by Keha3

    Posted on 27/08/2013

    Earlier this year Leetberg was involved in a project with Keha3. We had to manufacture customized versions of the Keha3 Lightweight lighting solutions, Lightweight chandeliers and implement Buoys. Finally we can show some photos of implemented  lamps. The spectacular architectural solution of the port building, where the pictures are taken, is worked out by Architectural […]


  • Lightweight solution for Keha3

    Posted on 12/03/2013

    Lightweight solution designed by Margus Triibmann

    We have already introduced the chandelier of the Keha3 Lightweight series that was manufactured by Leetberg. The Lightweight solution by designer Margus Triibmann includes diverse types of lights that can be variously constructed. The main idea of the whole solution is that you can use parts of the Lightweight chandelier to create completely new lighting solutions. Depending […]


  • Open Air Museum Light Designed by Margus Triibmann

    Posted on 27/02/2013

    Manufactured by Leetberg

    We are very proud to introduce the last cooperation between Leetberg and the designer of the Keha3 – Margus Triibman. Few entries ago we talked about the prototype of this landscape light. Now, when the light is ready, it is time to give more information. We here in Leetberg appreciate the opportunity being the manufacturing […]


  • The new light designed by Margus Triibmann

    Posted on 05/02/2013

    New light designed by Margus Triibmann

    We are proud to present the new light which at the moment is going through the development and manufacturing process in Leetberg. We will be updating the information about this project in our blog as soon as possible. Follow us also in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


  • Buoy lights for Keha3

    Posted on 29/11/2012

    Custom-made light Buoy by Keha3

    The concept for this brilliant light Buoy was worked out by Keha3 designer Margus Triibmann. Leetberg was once again trusted with manufacturing of metal details and assembling the light. The custom-made light source was installed in The Buoy through a small hole made in the polyethylene shell. The hole is covered by a powder coated […]


  • Throat design lights for Keha3

    Posted on 13/11/2012

    Throat design light

    The light series „Throat“ is designed by Tarmo Luisk and Margus Triibmann from the Keha3 team. This light makes a good example of the products that have gone through every step of the production chain – from prototype development to delivering the manufactured product to the client. Also it is a great example of innovative engineering solutions […]


  • Lightweight Chandelier for Keha3

    Posted on 18/10/2012

    The lightweight chandelier concept was developed by Margus Triibmann – designer of the Estonian design company – Keha3. This lighting solution is one of the best examples of cooperation between manufacturer and the designer. In the development process there were some problems to be solved. The round frames which are supporting the lights are built in […]