Throat design lights for Keha3

The light series „Throat“ is designed by Tarmo Luisk and Margus Triibmann from the Keha3 team. This light makes a good example of the products that have gone through every step of the production chain – from prototype development to delivering the manufactured product to the client.

Also it is a great example of innovative engineering solutions – the lights are inspired by industrial ventilation pipes. At first polyurethane pipes were used for the imitation but after other necessary details were added to it, the light could not be fixed in a certain position because it was too flexible.

Thus Leetberg had to come up with a solution that solved the problem and did not ruin the designer’s initiative plans. To achieve that Leetberg placed a throat-like construction inside the pipe which allows the lamp to be fixed in any wished position. To polish things up, the metal details were powdercoated.


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