Powder Coating

Powder CoatingWe have lots of experience in powder coating and lacquering. We are offering powder coating services for companies as well as for private individuals. We are mainly focusing on powder coating smaller details. Our clients, design and product development companies need finishing of various metal constructions, metal parts of indoor and outdoor lights and other interior elements (furniture etc). We paint products manufactured in Leetberg as well as ready-made details and constructions. It is also possible to paint wheels, motorcycle details and bicycle frames. Among other things we offer lacquering which gives refined and high-quality look to the details.

There are many advantages to using powder coating instead of wet painting. Powder coating guarantees high durability of the details surface. It is possible to apply the paint cost-efficiently and quickly. Paint adheres very well with the details surfaces stays on unvaried. Paint does not dribble.

There are some disadvantages to be found when using powder coating. The technology is most suitable when You need to cover metal surfaces. Rusty or earlier covered details surfaces need to be cleaned with sandblast.

We offer colour selection according to the RAL colour standard. We are only using the powders of reliable European manufacturers.

If it is not possible to hang the details up to apply the powder we make the needed hanging gaps. Before the details are covered with paint they are cleaned of dirt and grease using special liquid. The paint is in solid, in powder form, and is applied on the surface using tribomatic or electrostatic spraying systems. After the painting the items will be heated in oven for durability and refined look.

At the moment we are able to paint the details with maximum measurements of 2000mm×1000mm.  The price of the powder coating depends on the measurements, weight, surface area, cubage and amount of the details. Drawing or a sample of the detail to be painted is needed to make out the  exact price offer for powder coating.

To see our works visit our gallery or blog. For additional information and price offer for powder coating contact us.

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