• Powder Coating the Frames and Details of Bicycles

    Posted on 18/06/2013

    One of the advantages of Leetberg, when providing powder coating services, is long-term experience in painting and lacquering small and very small details. In this entry we will introduce the process of powder coating the frame of bicycle. The colour selection is available according to the RAL-standard. The RAL-catalogue includes wide range of colours and […]


  • Lightweight solution for Keha3

    Posted on 12/03/2013

    Lightweight solution designed by Margus Triibmann

    We have already introduced the chandelier of the Keha3 Lightweight series that was manufactured by Leetberg. The Lightweight solution by designer Margus Triibmann includes diverse types of lights that can be variously constructed. The main idea of the whole solution is that you can use parts of the Lightweight chandelier to create completely new lighting solutions. Depending […]