Light Solution for Cafe Wabadus

Lighting figures are designed by well-known estonian designer Mait Summatavet. The lights were ment to be part of interior solution of Cafe Wabadus. Leetberg`s team considered designer`s every demand and then worked out the best solution considering physics aspects – the direction and the intensity of the light as well as the appearance of the lighting figure as a whole.

The aluminium details of the lighting figures are custom-made. Special technology was used to get the necessary shape and form of the round details of the lights. Most of the inner and external surfaces of the details are powdercoated. The bottom most part of the round detail is polished in order to give the final touch of the lighting figure.

The series of this lighting figures got nominated for the Estonian design award “Bruno” in 2010. The lighting figure of the same series was also used for the decoration in the music broadcast of the Estonian National Television.

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