Garden Lounger for Röshults

This garden lounger is from Swedish company Röshult’s garden furniture series. Garden lounger is designed by the famous Swedish design company Broberg & Ridderstråle. Röshult’s Estonian partner Enterior ordered the product from Leetberg.

It’s delightful that Leetberg’s clients value our long term experience and craftmenship in manufacturing custom-made furniture. In the manufacturing process there were several innovative solutions used which add to the simplicity of the Scandinavian designschool.

The lounger’s iron frame details were first brazed together and the frame was electrolyte treated. The wheels of the lounger are lazercut from metal. The axlesystem is also custom-made of metal. All the metal-details are powdercoated powdercoated. The coating meets the demanding requirements for any weather condition.

Wooden details are made of thermo-treated ash tree. Thermo-treating is an environmentally friendly chemical-free process that guarantees long-term durability of the wood and frees it of moisture, bacteria and acids. After the treatment the wood becomes significally weatherproof.

In following entries we’ll keep introducing other products of the series manufactured by Leetberg.

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