Interior Elements and LED-lighting Solutions for Nightclub in Pori, Finland

The interior of the bar and nightclub Nuke in Pori, Finland – is designed by Peter Sampson, a long time partner for Leetberg. Many of the interior elements and also led-lighting solutions in the club are manufactured by Leetberg.

The metal frames of the chairs on the first picture are custom-made and manufactured by Leetberg. Glueing on the coats of the chairs was also done by Leetberg`s experienced craftsmen.

On the next picture you can see the decorative propeller fan. The vane  of the ventilator is in one peace and is cut out from plastic. A motor for whirling the vane was installed. The  band of LED-lights surrounding the fan was also part of the project.

Many of the DJ-stage elements were also manufactured by Leetberg. Leetberg is known as an expert of LED-lights. This is why Leetberg manufactured the programmable LED-light panel on the back of the DJ-controller and the LED-lighting solution inside the counter surrounding the stage.

The VIP-room tables needed custom-made plexiglas covers. There are LED-lighting panels installed under the plexiglas. To alter the ambience of the room the colours of the LED-elements can be changed accordingly. The decoration elements on the chandeliers in the VIP-rooms are made of plexiglass and cut out using the CNC machine.

Leetberg was also involved in manufacturing interior elements and furniture for the other part of the nightclub where the bar Nuke is located. Custom-made full interior solutions is one of the main domains of Leetberg at the moment. The interior elements in the bar that you’ll see next should show you Leetberg`s willingness to realise even most complexed projects.

The centerpiece and the crown of the interior is the custom-made pendant light, which at first might seem very simple but the manufacturing process was quite complicated. In manufacturing Leetberg`s team don`t make any concessions, but try to realise the interior designer`s idea as close as possible looking for quick and simple solutions.

The round frame of the pendant light is cut from thick acrylic glass. Little holes were drilled inside the frame after which the holes were filled with fibre. Thus the problem of decreased light intensity was solved in a minimalistic and tasteful way.

You can see a coctail coffee table for standing guests under the pendant light. The cover of the table is made of aluminium. The patern of the table cover was done on a CNC machine. Then the cover was raggedly powdercoated by hand to get the rust effect and lacquered  as the final touch. As with the coctail coffee table cover the covers of the small coctail tables are made the same way and also manufacured by Leetberg.

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