Open Air Museum Light Designed by Margus Triibmann

We are very proud to introduce the last cooperation between Leetberg and the designer of the Keha3Margus Triibman. Few entries ago we talked about the prototype of this landscape light. Now, when the light is ready, it is time to give more information. We here in Leetberg appreciate the opportunity being the manufacturing partner.

The Open Air Museum – the preserver and keeper of the Estonian village culture and country architecture – had a plan to illuminate all the roads and tracks. They were searching unique post light, which would harmonize with the building complexes on the territory, and would blend in the general atmosphere of the museum and make the tracks and roads between the exhibits as an organic whole. The appropriate design solution was worked out by Margus Triibmann. He got his inspiration from the handles of the shovels. As a result he worked out unique conception of the outdoor light which already today is used in the Estonian Open Air Museum.

This light does not only have it`s primary function, but it also tells a certain story. When designer saw the shovels at the hardware store he had the vision about the tool pushed in the ground  symbolizing the unfinished work and the  on-going work. This is the conceptual basis for the outdoor light used in the territory of the national institution researching and preserving the national heritage. At the same time the shape of the light also indicates the tools which were used during the farm works.

Though firstly being used on the territory of a museum, the solution of the outdoor light in itself is modern. It is also perfect to light up modern gardens, campsites, tracks and roads in parks or small streets between the modern housing estates.

This outdoor light is manufactured by Leetberg. The corp of the light which reminds the  round profile of the handle of the shovel is made of metal. The metal parts of the light are galvanized and powder coated. The light source is based on LED-technology.

When placed and installed the light stands under a small angle. The inclination is dependent on the measure of the angle between the runner and the flange of the runner.  The upper-middle part of the handle is reversible and can be fixed in a wished position. It is also possible to reverse the handle itself in the range of ten degrees. These two options make it possible to regulate the direction of the light no matter which is the angle between the handle and the ground.

The light is installed on the fundament with three screws or on the hard surface with kedge anchors and set-bolts or screw sockets and bolts.

This outdoor light has very strong construction and it is completely weatherproof. It is possible to direct the light dynamically. It also has distinctive and vivid loop of light.

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