• Lightweight Solutions and Buoys for Eisma Port by Keha3

    Posted on 27/08/2013

    Earlier this year Leetberg was involved in a project with Keha3. We had to manufacture customized versions of the Keha3 Lightweight lighting solutions, Lightweight chandeliers and implement Buoys. Finally we can show some photos of implemented  lamps. The spectacular architectural solution of the port building, where the pictures are taken, is worked out by Architectural […]


  • Buoy lights for Keha3

    Posted on 29/11/2012

    Custom-made light Buoy by Keha3

    The concept for this brilliant light Buoy was worked out by Keha3 designer Margus Triibmann. Leetberg was once again trusted with manufacturing of metal details and assembling the light. The custom-made light source was installed in The Buoy through a small hole made in the polyethylene shell. The hole is covered by a powder coated […]